Why participate?

Children form the most vulnerable group in our society. Yet, they are the most valuable resource of the nation because they represent each country’s future.

They need to be nurtured and protected so that they can grow into productive members of the community.

As such, everyone should have an interest in promoting and protecting children’s rights and in ensuring that governments are living up to their obligations to do the same.

How to help

Spreading the word

Helping out can be as simple as spreading the word on children’s rights and the work of the CCRON. You can help by making sure that governments are being held accountable for words and actions with respect to the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Becoming a partner

If you feel as though that’s not enough, you may want to connect directly with our partnering organizations and support their campaigns to help youth around the region. Many of our partnering organizations work on projects that can make positive impact on the lives of many children within the Caribbean region.


You can also assist with the mission of the CCRON by making monetary donations to our network.


Get involved. Do you want to:

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